Sunday, April 17, 2011

Book Club Discussion Questions

The Soulkeepers

1. Do you think forgiveness came easily to the characters in The Soulkeepers?  Do you think it would be easy to forgive if similar events happened to you?

2.  Are the prejudices of past generations more forgivable or understandable than those of today? For example, do you find it easier to gloss over a racial slur said by a grandparent than a peer?

3.  Why do you think the concepts of faith, religion, and spirituality are avoided in most Young Adult literature?

4.  Uncle John asks the question, "Do you think a person is only as good as the worst thing they've ever done?"  How do you feel about this question?  Are there certain actions that define a person's character permanently?

5.  Mysterious biblical history plays a pivotal role in the plot of The Soulkeepers.  Are there parts of the bible (or your particular holy text) that you find disturbing or paradoxical? How do you reconcile that with your faith?

6.  How do people create their own prisons in their life?  Do you think an individual can be his or her own harshest judge and jury?

7.  Is there an evil force in this world that can push otherwise good people over the edge?

8.  What do you think about the way God is depicted in The Soulkeepers?

9.  How do people growing up in rural communities have a different reality than those in urban or suburban settings?  Do you think this upbringing effects how they think about moral choices?

10.  Do you think our culture is obsessed with our physical appearance, what we wear, and how we smell?  Do you think the focus on outside beauty is an attempt to capture something else?

Weaving Destiny

1. At the beginning of the book, Malini thinks Jacob is her destiny.  Do you think there is only one person in the world who you are destined to fall in love with?

2. Malini has to face deadly challenges throughout Weaving Destiny. What do you feel is the source of her strength?

3. Do you think that parents who are immigrants to the United States like Malini's have unique challenges with raising their children and adapting to American culture? 

4. Mara comes on strong to Jacob. What would make a person try to woo someone they knew was in a relationship? Do you think her background had anything to do with it?

5. Malini grows up and discovers who she is in Weaving Destiny. Do you think it's possible for someone to love another person fully before they know and love themselves fully?

6. The Healer cannot die without Malini's help. Jacob says it is not murder but mercy. How do you feel about this scene? In your opinion, are there any circumstances in the real world (people or animals) when killing would be mercy?

7. Mara and Death have an instant connection. Do you believe in love at first sight?

8. Malini views snippets from her past to learn ways to approach the problems of her future. How do you feel your past experiences have prepared you for your future? Are any experiences truly a waste of time?

9. Dane and Malini have a special friendship in Weaving Destiny. Do you think the relationship was completely platonic or did one of the parties secretly want more?

10. Mara has a formidable skill in Weaving Destiny, the ability to stop time. If you could stop time, what would you do with that power?

Return to Eden

1. In Return to Eden, Abigail tries to be something more than she is.  Do you believe people can truly change? Or are we born what we are?

2. Have you ever been tempted in a way that you felt was impossible to deny?

3. The immortals in the In Between sometimes break the rules in order to maintain the balance between good and evil. Are there circumstances in real life when the moral choice is to take action that in other circumstances would be considered immoral? Is there such thing as a "white" lie?

4. Mara learns that she can create her own reality in the In Between.  If you could create your own reality, what would you change first?

5. With her transition to the In Between, Mara loses her power. Later, she rises to the challenge presented to her.  What do you think motivates Mara's character to accept the challenge in spite of her new vulnerability? Would you do the same?

6. In Return to Eden, God appears as the best version of the person viewing him/her. What do you think of this depiction?  Do you think we see ourselves in God?

7. During the battle scene, Abigail and Gideon get what they want at the worst possible time. Have you ever received a blessing at a time that makes it feel like a curse? 

8. In many young adult novels, the main character changes from being human to a supernatural being. In Return to Eden, the change is in the opposite direction.  How did this make you feel? Do you think becoming human is a worthy goal for a supernatural character?

9. When characters in The Soulkeepers Series use the red stone, they enter a reality that helps them interpret their experiences. Why do you think Gideon's mind chose a 1950s diner?

10. Return to Eden introduces a new Soulkeeper who is openly homosexual. Were you surprised by this? Discuss.

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