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Hey everyone! Today, on the blog, I'm hosting author Cameo Renae as part of the YA Lovers' Blog Hop. My hashtag is #‎lovebug‬. (Make a note of it. You'll need it later.) Make sure you visit each of the blogs on the hop.  Good luck!

My name is Cameo Renae, bestselling YA Fantasy author of the Hidden Wings Series and The After Light Saga. 
Goodreads: Cameo_Renae

I am thrilled and honored to be on GP Ching’s blog today. She totally rocks!
I'm featuring an excerpt of a story I started a while back and didn’t finish. But it's something you haven't read before, and I know I haven't mentioned it to anyone. It's been sitting patiently in my TBW (To Be Written) pile. haha
If you’ve read my books, you know I’m a huge romantic. This excerpt is about a young girl named Kate, who has been bitten by a Vampire Prince named Tristan, in his attempt to keep her safe from the other clans. Her life is in danger because of a certain "problem" which I am not mentioning. And, of course there is a "connection" between her and Tristan. The problem is… she must seal the bond by drinking his blood. But doing so will forever bind her to him and his clan. She’s seventeen and doesn’t want to be bound by anyone, especially someone she doesn't know. 
I love the characters in this story, and hope you will too. This story will be releasing at the end of this year. 
So, without further ado, here is the excerpt for Quintessence. 
FYI: the title might change. I had to come up with something on the spot.
And PLEASE remember this is a very ROUGH draft, and not near being edited, and this is NOT the beginning of the story. With that being said... enjoy!

The Golden Flask Vampire Series: Book One
By: Cameo Renae
(Releasing: Late 2015)
Sitting at the bar was a well-dressed, fairly handsome young man who looked out of place. He turned and gave me a smile so I quickly made my way over and sat on the barstool next to him.
“Hi,” I greeted, hoping he would give me a sign he was my contact. 
“Well, hi. What brings you to this pig sty, beautiful?” His words slurred and his eyes were bloodshot and droopy.
My conscience waved a huge red flag, smacking it upside my head. Dammit. This guy was not my contact, and now I’d opened myself up to the rest of the drunken riff-raff. I could feel the lustful eyes violating my backside.
“I’m meeting someone,” I answered.
The bartender, a tall man with a bald head and tattoos running down his neck and arms, stood in front of me. 
“Aren’t you a little young to be in here, darlin’?” he asked. “We could get in a lot of trouble servin’ alcohol to a minor.”
“I’m not here for the drinks. I’m here to meet someone,” I replied, trying to subdue my inner shaking.
“Who would ask you to meet them in a shit hole like this?” he questioned, shaking his head. 
“I don’t know,” I sighed. “I was just thinking the same thing.” 
The bartender gave a half-smile, shrugged, and walked off to serve a drunk pounding on the end of the bar table.
Heavy footsteps clanked across the wood floor and stopped directly behind me, and soon I caught a whiff of strong body odor. My heart hammered against my chest, sensing trouble. 
I wasn’t going to turn around. Nope. 
“Hey precious.” A strong hand grasped my shoulder, forcing me to turn back. “You’re new here. You lookin’ for a good time?” Three large, bearded and burly men stood behind me, completely plastered. Their wasted eyes held looks of evil intentions. 
“No. I’m waiting for a friend. A very large male friend, who will be here any minute,” I answered as bravely as I could, praying my words were true. “I think I’ll wait outside.” 
They laughed, calling my bluff. I started to scoot off of the stool but the man’s grip tightened on my shoulder, keeping me in place.
“Hey Bill, why don’t you let the little lady go,” the bartender suggested, drying a freshly washed glass. Bill glared at him, making him turn and walk away. 
“We don’t want you to leave, precious,” Bill slurred. Spittle flew from his mouth onto my face as he said precious. My insides shuddered. “We’ll show you a real good time.” 
His breath, a mixture of alcohol and bar food, invaded my nostrils. Vomit threatened to force itself up my throat, but I swallowed hard to keep it down. Stepping into this place was a horrible mistake. Tristan lied to me. Bastard. But it was complete stupidity on my part for putting my trust in someone I didn’t know.
“I just want to leave,” I said, attempting to release the man’s fingers from my shoulder, but he was too strong.
“Hey dumb shits!” a voice yelled from behind them. All three brawny men twisted their huge heads, but I couldn’t see who they were looking at. Their girth blocked any visual. “The girl is with me. I suggest you let her go before someone gets hurt.” 
“Who the hell are you, asshole?” Bill spit his words, his steel grip still attached to my shoulder.
“I’m her bodyguard, and if you don’t get your filthy, vile hand off of her, I’ll break it into pieces,” the mysterious voice answered.
My bodyguard?
The men burst into laughter. Bill smugly and slowly threatened, “I’d like to see you try.”
In a split second I heard the sickening snapping of bones. The two men next to Bill were on the floor, curled into fetal positions, crying in pain. Bill’s grip finally released, and with a pained yelp he fell to his knees grasping his limp, broken hand. 
What the hell? I didn’t see anyone touch him. 
“Let’s say we ditch this joint,” a soft voice whispered in my ear. 
I turned, my breath caught in my throat. A handsome young man, who looked a little older than me, held his hand out. He was around six feet tall, with the clearest blue eyes. Jet-black hair was clean cut and drawn back, but there were a few misplaced strands which fell over his strong-featured, pale, porcelain face. Black jeans and a black long-sleeved shirt hugged the defined the muscles bulging from underneath. He reminded me of Tristan.
I grasped his hand, and he led me out the door into the nearby forest. We traveled in silence for a while before he spoke.
“My name is Stefan. Tristan sent me in case you chose not to complete the bond. I’m sorry I was late,” he said. His voice was melodic, and he had an English accent.
“Thank you. It’s fine. I mean, I’m fine, so it’s… fine.” I stumbled through my words. 
Oh God. I sounded like an idiot.
A grin formed on his full lips.
“Where are we going?” I questioned. 
“To a safe place. You’ll meet the rest of the team Tristan sent to aid you. 
“He sent a team?” I squeaked.
“Yes, and tomorrow you begin training. Tristan has been gathering information on the charges against your grandfather. He wants you to know he’ll do his best to try and keep your family safe, but his hands are somewhat tied without the bond.”
“You know about the bond?” I asked.
He stopped, and then turned to face me. “Everyone under the Vladu Clan knows about the bond. Tristan is our Prince, therefore, if you ever decide to seal the bond with him, you will become our princess.”
Wow. That was a lot to swallow.
Well, that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed it. 
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