Saturday, April 2, 2011

5 Free Ways To Support an Indie Author

If you've purchased an indie title this month, give yourself a pat on the back for supporting the arts.  Independent authors provide a rich diversity of talent and an unbelievable value to the reader.  But beyond buying an author's book, there are five ways you can support a writer that cost absolutely nothing but go a long way toward helping to foster their potential.

5.  Forward their press 
Whether it is a tweet, post, or status message, someone who follows you might be interested.  Retweeting or sharing a post only takes a second but could mean connecting a potential reader with an author they'll love.

4. Tell a friend
If you like someone's work, there's no better way than word of mouth to promote their cause. Even if you haven't read the specific book yet, your comment can inform someone of the book's availability.  And, of course, if you have read the book, let others know you liked it.  Indie authors don't have large publicity budgets and rely on personal connections more than anything else for promotion.

3.  Tag and "like" their book on the bookseller's site
At the bottom of a book's page on Amazon, there are check boxes to tag a book.  When you check one, it strengthens the association between the book and that category. So, when someone else searches on the category, books with more tags appear higher in the search results.  This increases exposure for the work.  

When you "like" a book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, it adds a message on your Facebook newsfeed and is good promotion for the title.

2.  Add the author's book to your To-Be-Read pile on Goodreads
All of your Goodreads followers get a glimpse of the cover and can see that you added it.  Plus, it increases the number of people associated with the book which can garner interest in the title.

1.  Write a review
Often if your intention is to write a review, an author will provide you with a free copy of the book.  Whether on a blog or on a bookseller's site, reviews help authors sell more books and are greatly appreciated.

What do you think readers?  What are some ways you support your favorite authors, even after you've bought their books?


  1. I couldn't agree more with your suggestions. Indie authors rely heavily on word-of-mouth. It's been crucial to my success. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  2. Great post, G. I learned something form it also--I have no idea about that Amazon "like" click will help the author in the search results. I learned something. Thank you.

  3. Wonderful suggestions. It's kind of back to that SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTIST mindset. I like it!

  4. Great advice and post! It's important to support fellow writers.

  5. It's good to have people know how much the little easy to do things can help.

  6. I LOVE this post! Paying it forward, and doing it for free? Awesome! (And the picture is perfect :))

  7. I like the title "Indie Author." Sounds so much better than self-published.


  8. Actually, Rita, I am an indie author but I am not really "self"-published. My imprint, DarkSide Publishing, is an artist collective. All of our books are edited, formatted, marketed, and promoted in a team environment. I think self-published is a misnomer for most authors as very few are doing it all by themselves.

  9. Tweet, facebook, follow back those that follow you. And share their links so they will share yours.

  10. This is awesome advise. I just joined an Indie books reading challenge (55+ by the end of 2011). I have a bit of reading to do... okay, a lot!

  11. I was trying to find fantasy series names to add to my TBR list and I ended up here.. Thanks for the advice.. This tells me its past time I did something for the authors in exchange for their books :) Maybe I will try blogging.. The main reason I am commenting is to thank you for having your books on Smashwords.. lol.. coz I can read those ebooks easier on my ebook reader..


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