Thursday, March 8, 2018

Happy Book Birthday to Hope's Promise!

Hope's Promise is here!
I've heard it said before that publishing a book is a lot like having a baby. The long months of preparation, the final push to get it out into the world, the feelings of vulnerability the first time your story leaves your sweaty hands.
As the mother of two, I can tell you unequivocally that this analogy this is pure poppycock. Birthing babies is a painful and messy business that is at least 300 times more difficult than publishing a book and comes with a lifetime of responsibility. Still, I agree with the sentiment. There comes a time to let go and see if your baby book can fly. Today, is that day for Hope's Promise.
I am so excited to share this book with you. I love Hope's Promise for its twisty plot and surprising characters. I hope you will too.

About Hope's Promise 

Hope Laudner has never loved the idea of being God's tool. After all, she's grown up with expectations far beyond what any teenager deserves to bear. But she's finally accepted her fate, and after being partially responsible for raising Lucifer, she's committed to using all of her power to correct her mistake and send him back where he belongs.
Lucifer has other ideas. He knows of a dagger, forged in Hell, that can kill Hope permanently, and in doing so, also break God's curse over him. The only problem is, the last fallen angel, Damien, has it and he's not keen to give it up.
Between slaying demons, Hope and the Soulkeeper team strive to find the dagger before Lucifer does. But Hope finds much more than she bargained for. 
Hope's Promise, Soulkeepers Reborn Book 2 is available now! Get your copy at the following retailers.
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