Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Last Soulkeeper by GP Ching, Available Now!

The Last Soulkeeper went live last night, everywhere, debuting at #28 of all books in the iBookstore. Thank you to those readers who have already snatched it up.  If you haven't got your copy yet, all of the buy links are available in the pre-made tweet below. And, as always, sharing and reviews are much appreciated.

The Last Soulkeeper, Available Now! Kindle http://amzn.to/1jB7qSx Nook http://bit.ly/1glGOGk iBooks http://bit.ly/1glH08A Kobo http://bit.ly/OQEhJB

Remember, the $2.99 introductory price only lasts until April 6th!

Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway. Some cool stuff in this prize pack.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Last Soulkeeper Giveaway!

The Last Soulkeeper, the sixth book in the best selling Soulkeepers Series, will be available March 25th at a special introductory price of $2.99 ($3.99 after April 6th!)

I'm celebrating by giving away ten of these prize packs I had to wrestle from the clutches of my family members. If you win, you will receive a Soulkeepers T-shirt, sunglasses, pen, set of collectible bookmarks, and an autographed paperback of a previously published title!

Enter to win between March 21st and April 6th!  

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Excuse My Dust

Helloooo! Is there an echo in here? Are those crickets I'm hearing?

I have not blogged in ages. In fact, I believe my last post was in December. Please excuse the cobwebs and dust bunnies. 

Without going into too much detail, my hiatus from blogging had a lot to do with some personal drama, a long term illness in my family and the death of a friend. I've spent way too much time in hospitals this year. But I'm back, and I hope to brush this blog off because I have some things to share with you.

The Last Soulkeeper is coming March 25th!

The end is near.

Just when the Soulkeepers think they’ve established a foothold in the war between Heaven and Hell, the playing field shifts. Enraged by Cord’s disappearance, Lucifer replaces his right-hand man with the Wicked Brethren, three Watchers so formidable even their own kind fears them.

The Soulkeepers struggle to survive in an increasingly deadly world while continuing to defend human souls. How far will they go when saving the world means sacrificing their most precious team member?

You can add The Last Soulkeeper on  Goodreads

The Last Soulkeeper will be the last book in The Soulkeepers Series, and I'll be celebrating with some fabulous giveaways. Stay tuned for more on that as March 25th draws near as well as links to preorder the book when it becomes available.

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