Sunday, January 8, 2012

Introducing The Indelibles!

Welcome to The Indelibles Blog Hop!

In celebration of our official launch, we are giving away a KINDLE FIRE! If you’d like to start at the beginning of the INDELIBLES ON FIRE GIVEAWAY BLOG HOP, then please start here:


If you are already mid-hop, then welcome to your next stop! By following the link at the bottom of this post, you can proceed to the next author (and check out the awesome, individual giveaways we are doing along the way!). If you are entering to win the KINDLE FIRE, don’t forget to make a note of the keyword at the end of every blog post - the words spell out a phrase you will need to enter the contest on the last stop.

Who are we? We are twenty-five independently published and small press authors.
Each week, we’ll explore fun, fabulous, and fierce topics for today’s teens, drawing on pop culture and themes from the books we write. Check out our official launch Monday, January 9th for fun giveaways at We’ll also be having a “blogger” chat on January 11th and a writer/author chat on the 18th to answer questions about self and indie pubbing. See our blog for details.

Now to introduce myself.

I'm G. P. Ching and I write paranormal, young adult fiction. I'm the author of The Soulkeepers Series: the Soulkeepers, Weaving Destiny, and Return to Eden(coming soon). For fun, I love a good ghost tour or a walk through a creepy old cemetery. I live in central Illinois with my husband, two kids, and one very demanding guinea pig.

You can follow me on:  

Since I've recently given away thousands of books, for my personal giveaway, I will gift your choice of one of the Indelible's ebooks. Leave a comment below to enter.

Your next stop is Katie Klein and don't forget to write down my keyword LEAVING for your chance to win the Kindle Fire!

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