Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to School: A New Start

I love the fall.  There's nothing better than the orangey-red of late September's foliage in my state, or the comfort of the season's first fleece. But beyond that, years of schooling have conditioned me to think of  fall as a time of new beginnings.  Of course, I was the type of student who'd get excited by the sight of a new backpack or a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. I went to college not once but twice, the first time for accounting and the second for nursing. I'm convinced that the writer in me simply loves to learn.

But once adulthood hits you square in the jaw, you realize what a gift it is to have a "new semester". New beginnings become happy surprises. Responsibilities snowball. And the calendar doesn't quit flipping for anything.

This week I've been finishing up my new paranormal romance novel titled The Ghost and the Graveyard.  I'm releasing this book under the name Genevieve Jack because it is written for adults and I don't want anyone confusing it as a young adult title.

But a new series under a new name is not without its challenges.  Sure, it's a brand new start to do all of the things I wish I'd done with my first series.  But it also feels like starting from scratch.  I've had to build out a new website, set up a fledgling blog (thank you to BOTH of my followers), and set myself up on Goodreads.  My adult readership will likely be different than my YA readership, so I'm contacting entirely different book bloggers.  You could say I've gone back to school, learning how to market this genre from the ground up.

Maybe it's apt then that I'm undertaking this venture in the fall when everyone else is going back to school too. New beginnings, hope for an amazing future, fresh notebooks and pens full of ink... I hope you enjoy this time of year as much as I do!

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