Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oprah, Weaving Destiny, and My Hair (Not in that order)

I've been hair-color challenged lately.  For years I've colored my hair a pale blond to match the shade it was in High School.  But lately I've been experimenting, because (1) I can, and (2) change is good for you.  I've been thinking of trying RED.  Like "a sunset after a bomb went off" red (that's a Trueblood reference for those of you who don't watch).

I know you're thinking, how could that plan possibly go wrong? But currently my color is less than stellar and I'm not feeling particularly photo worthy.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I saw this little ad on Facebook about the Oprah Winfrey Network.  You could enter to win a free journal.  I'm a writer so journals have a high value in my life, thus I clicked. I was taken to a page where I could set up a profile for myself that included a section called a "Dream Board".  I was intrigued by the social media aspect of the site, so, I filled it out.  But when it came time to upload my photo, I decided to use the cover of Weaving Destiny rather than an old photo, since a new photo was sooooo not happening.

I was totally floored when I received this email:

After reading through the links, I can only guess that somehow the cover infringes on their solicitation policy, although that's hard for me to buy into.  Nevertheless, I now have an old photo on my Oprah profile.  

I don't see myself visiting OWN on a regular basis.  I'm healthy, unviolated, and have good relationships with my parents, my kids, AND my husband.  I do sometimes check out the recipes and book recommendations and, of course, I'll enter to win the giveaways. :) But I think I'll keep my comments and my dreams to myself. Because if I can't use my cover as my profile pic, then I'm guessing wallpapering my Dream Board with Soulkeepers' images isn't going to fly either. I guess when they say "Dream Board" they mean unrequited and obscure dreams, not the I'm-getting-it-done-and-making-it-happen type.

If all this talk about Oprah has left you squeeing with fan girl enthusiasm, visit http://www.oprah.com/own. You can make your OWN profile and even enter to win a chance to meet the big O.  And if you happen to comment in the books section that the best deal in Young Adult fiction is The Soulkeepers Series, well, I had nothing to do with that.

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