Sunday, May 29, 2011

Paperback Sale- Limited Time Only

The Soulkeepers is getting a facelift!  With Weaving Destiny coming soon, I have my artist working on a new cover design for the books to give them a series look and feel.  In addition, the paperback version of book one is being re-formated to match the re-branding and correct two minor typos found in the first edition that have already been corrected in the eBook format.

So, with the second edition on its way, I'm putting the first edition on sale.  This 330 page book usually retails for $12.99 but is on sale for $8.99.  It is currently only available POD through Createspace but will be available through Amazon once their system uploads the new price.

To be transparent, this price is only available because I've pulled the book from extended distribution in anticipation of the new edition and am selling it at cost.  I've decided to do this for those readers that don't have an e-reader but want to get the book at a rock-bottom price.  Once the second edition is available, this sale will end.

You can buy The Soulkeepers today at the $8.99 price using this link:

Createspace Store - The Soulkeepers

I'm looking forward to sharing some exciting news with you in the coming weeks on the new art, website, and promotions for Weaving Destiny.  If you would like to be the first to know about these, make sure to "like" The Soulkeepers Series on Facebook by clicking on the box to your right.

Happy reading and thanks to all of you who have read and reviewed The Soulkeepers!  I can't wait to share what Jacob, Malini and the rest of the crew are up to next.

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