Thursday, June 16, 2011

You Can't Tell A Book By Its Cover- Until Now

Introducing the new look of The Soulkeepers Series!

When Adam Bedore and I designed the original cover for The Soulkeepers, we weren't thinking about the next two books in the series.  Instead we were focused on the tension in the novel between Jacob and Dr. Silva.  With Weaving Destiny coming in the fall, we needed to look at the cover for book one as the launch of a series, not a standalone.  Book one of The Soulkeepers is Jacob's story so it seemed only fitting that he have a central role on the cover.  But we've also added in the red stone, a magical object that plays an important part in Weaving Destiny (Fall 2011) and Return to Eden (Winter 2011).  You can still see the shadow of the forrest, a remnant from the first cover, on Jacob's hood.  I'm super excited about this new cover because I think it captures the essence of the story in a new and more engaging way.

The artist, Adam Bedore of Anjin Design (, was perfect for this cover.  He uses a unique technique to build depth, emotion, and a little mystery into the art.   I love how his work plays with light and shadow, masculine and feminine.  I think it takes more than a passing glance to fully digest his covers and that readers will appreciate having a work of art on their shelves.

The e-books have already been updated and a new paperback is on it's way!


  1. I LOVE the new cover! I also really like that you kept some of the old with the new. Simply lovely!

  2. This is an AMAZING cover! I adore it! Great job and can't wait to read it!

  3. Love, Love, Love It!! I really liked the old one too, so I wasn't prepared to like this one as much... but I was wrong! Fantastic!!

  4. I like the vague purple cover on my copy, but I can see this catering to a certain demo.

  5. I'm happy with the cover on my copy - but this makes a lot of sense from the point of view of a series.

    And an excellent cover in and of itself also.

    Good work, to you and the artist.

  6. I'm so glad you like it! And for those of you who eluded to it, I agree the new cover better reflects the intended young adult market.


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