Thursday, June 30, 2011

Second Edition Paperback Available!

YAY! It's here!  The new edition is here.  It is available for purchase through Createspace today and will be available at Amazon as soon as they upload it.  I'm also opening up shop for signed copies again.

Mwaah!  You are beautiful! *kisses book*

It is you know!  Get yours!


  1. It IS beautiful! I adore this cover! I already went and bought this ebook yesterday when you said to get 'em while they're hot. I'm excited to read your series...

  2. Wow, a second edition already. That's terrific. I just finished it (first edition) within the last hour and quite enjoyed it. So the sequel is coming out when?...

  3. Congratulations! It is gorgeous. I can't wait to order my signed copy.

  4. It looks enchanting indeed, and definitely worth a few kisses!


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