Friday, June 3, 2011

News You Can Use

Just a quick note to bring you up to date on what's happening this week...

1.The giveaway has ended and all winners have been notified.  If you haven't been notified, you can still get the book for just 99 cents from Kindle, Nook or Smashwords or $8.99 for the paperback.  That $8.99 price is now available through Amazon.

2. I'm super busy wrapping up the first draft of Weaving Destiny which is the official title of book two! What can I tell you about this book?  There's more action, more romance, and!  It has the thrills and chills of The Soulkeepers but this book is just sexier. I'll leave it at that.

3. Any day now my artist will be sharing his vision for The Soulkeepers Series.  When we created the first cover, I wasn't thinking past book one.  But with the awesome success of The Soulkeepers, I've decided to publish the next two books, which means we need a cover design that shows each books individuality while connecting it to the series.  I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

4. I've got some other surprises brewing but I can't talk about them quite yet.  If you want to be the first to know, click on the Facebook box to your right and "like" The Soulkeepers Series.

Until next time!



  1. Exciting things on the horizon, GP!! That's great!!

  2. Hi, I'm a new follower. Nice to 'meet' you.

    It sounds like you've got some exciting things going on. Congratulations. :)


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