Monday, April 18, 2011

Tag You're IT!

Do you know about tagging on Amazon?
If you visit a book's page, and scroll down past the reviews, you'll see a section that looks like this--

If you click on the boxes, it increases your visibility in that category.  Until recently, I wasn't aware  of how important tagging was. Each person can only check the box once and can only tag a book with up to fifteen tags.  So, I'm having a tagging drive for The Soulkeepers to increase my kindle visibility.

If you could go to Amazon, click on "see all tags" and check the boxes, especially inspirational fiction and young adult paranormal, I would greatly appreciate it.

If you would like me to return the favor, after you have tagged mine, please comment that you have done so and leave a link to your book's page.  I will do the same for you.

Thank you all!


  1. I hit YA Paranormal and Inspirational Fiction. Good luck!

  2. Thank you. Do you have a book you would like tagged?

  3. Done.

    I didn't click gp ching, ya novel, or darkside publishing. If you need something else added, let me know and I will undo one or two and add the key words for you.

    If you want to return the favor,

    Otherwise, just glad to help. :)

    Good luck

  4. I went over and tagged some for you. If you wouldn't mind, my book is here:


  5. I didn't know that about Amazon. I'll definitely tag for your book. My book, Grave Echoes, is here:, and tags are supernatural, mystery, and suspense.

    I tried a little trick on getting my book seen on Amazon, and that was for a select group of people to buy my book and one other one, I chose Tana French's The Likeness, together. What that did was put my book on the "customers also bought this book" section. If you can find a book out there that is similar to yours by someone famous, it might help your book get more noticed, by pairing their's with your's.

    Anyways, thanks for this GP. Good luck.

  6. Thanks Erin! I tagged you back.

  7. That is important - will head over there, GP. I've got the book and all now, so I have every right to click fifteen boxes!

  8. Tagged it. This story sounds like fun. I've got one called The Soul Shepherd coming out in a month or two. Until then, if you could tag this one it would be appreciated.

    Thanks and good luck,


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