Thursday, April 21, 2011

Six Star Review of The Soulkeepers From Fiktshun!

An independent book reviewer gave The Soulkeepers her special 6 star, off the charts, rating today.  You can read her review on her blog, Fiktshun or on Goodreads.  I'm especially proud of this review because she says the eleven words every indie author wants to hear most, "The Soulkeepers does not read anything like a typical self-published book."  Thank you very much Rachel from Fiktshun.  I worked very hard to make sure it didn't.

I've gotten several personal notes lately from readers who ask, "Why didn't New York pick this up?" or "I can't believe agents didn't want this."  While I'm flattered, I can't answer the question.  It is what it is.  The reality is that I'm doing this on my own with assistance from my sisters at DarkSide Publishing(an author cooperative).  As such, I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to all of you that help me promote my book by word of mouth or on the internet.  In my world, every sale counts and every reader counts. I am so appreciative of you, my readers, because each of you is a reason I get up in the morning and try to beat the odds all over again.

Thank you for visiting today, and for your ongoing support!


  1. That is a wonderful story. To bust the scale - how about that? Must feel exhilarating. Are you going to do a public sales breakdown or postmortem at some point?

  2. Thanks John and Jen.

    John, I will not be sharing exact sales figures. It's a bad idea for a number of reasons but the biggest to me is that I believe with self-publishing the real question is about profitability. I can tell you that The Soulkeepers has become profitable and has met my sales goals for the first month. I am not satisfied with my marketing reach however and am actively shopping for either a publicist or other business that could help extend that reach.

  3. Really looking forward to reading this! Plus, I love it that you're getting these amazing reviews AND published the book yourself! Very awesome!


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