Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Personalized autographs: Not just for paperbacks anymore!

When I first heard about Kindlegraph, I was skeptical.  I mean, the website is seriously lacking in the info department.  It has the feel of something a college kid slapped up as part of an extra credit project.  Still, the lure of having this option available to my readers led me to add The Soulkeepers.

The author interface was a great start.  My only complaint is you can't adjust the size or layout of your message.  My first time, I learned the hard way that less is more.  You get about ten words of text and then your message is running into your signature.

As far as signatures go, I've heard some other authors complain that they would like to use their actual signature and can't.  Kindlegraph gives you the option of signing with your mouse or choosing from a variety of prefabricated signatures of your name.  Those who have tried the mouse signature say it's worthless. It just so happened that a prefab version matched my signature almost exactly, so I chose that route.

After I did my part, I was wary of advertising the service.  Would it be difficult or impractical for readers to use?  Lucky for me, my first request came from a Facebook friend with a kindle.  I'm happy to say that she reported back to me that the process is very easy and the results are great.  Kindlegraph sends the signature on a separate page  to the readers kindle.

So, if you are a reader with a kindle and a copy of The Soulkeepers, feel free to request your personalized signature.  And if you are an author considering this service, give it a try.  It really is a terrific way to make the electronic book reading experience a bit more personal.


  1. The whole thing just seems a little strange...but at the same time, it just shows how the whole reading experience is changing. So the customer has to already have the book in his/her Kindle???

  2. Wow! This amazes me. Can't wait to try it.

  3. It sounds like a great start... maybe they will get to the point where an author can use their own signature on real time via a notepad or something. I think it is nice right now, but using a prefab feels strange. Then again, 10 years ago I would have glared at someone telling me to use and ereader. Live, read and learn...


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