Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FAQ: When's the Next Book Coming Out?

Soul Catcher is on target for a late March/early April release.  Why can't I give you an exact date?  Well I learned with the release of Return to Eden that it isn't a good idea to do so.  As a small, independent publisher, there are some things that I can't control about the release process. For example, Return to Eden took an unheard of six weeks to publish on Apple last March. In comparison, Grounded, my latest release, was available within ten days. Sometimes my books are available on kindle and nook in a day.  Sometimes it takes four.

The book is complete and currently at the editor. It's already been through a round of developmental editing and those early readers enjoyed the story. When it comes back to me at the end of February, I'll make the changes this editor suggests.  If the changes are minor, I'll make them, read through it twice, format it and publish it.  If the changes are substantial, I'll make them, read through it twice, and then send it to an additional proofreader. The first scenario takes about a week.  The second could take three.

The bottom line is I don't want to disappoint you.

In 2012, I made the shift from writing as a hobby to writing professionally.   I won't release a book I don't feel is ready for my readers.  And while every book, even those with teams of editors, formatting gurus, and publishing professionals, has its issues, my goal is to put out the best book possible with the resources I have.

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Thank you to all of you who have followed the Soulkeepers Series.  I'm so excited to share this next installment with you.  Soon. *rubs hands together* Very soon.

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