Monday, January 14, 2013

100,000 Copies and Counting

It's official. I've sold more than 100,000 books!

(And, in case you were wondering, that number does not include any free or nearly free downloads.)

Original Cover March 2011
If you had asked me in March of 2011 if I ever thought I would sell 100,000 books as a self-published/independent (whichever term you prefer) author, I would have said no. The first version of the Soulkeepers was written more for my personal enjoyment than as a serious business venture.  I thought my family and friends might read it. Some did; some didn't.  I was happy when I sold 100 copies and thought my head might explode when I reached 1,000.

When Weaving Destiny came out in September of 2011, I swooned when she sold 10,000, surfing on the wave of a free Soulkeepers.

Today I get to tell you that I've sold 100,000 copies.  Most of those for 2.99 or more and most sales from Weaving Destiny(Sept. 2011) and Return to Eden(March 2012). Of course, The Soulkeepers has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times for free, but I do not count those figures as sales. Grounded contributed to the goal but a problem with the book's release has meant a slow but steady start for the trilogy. (The book was delayed with an interested agent who ultimately rejected it and then a scheduled/paid for review tour never happened due to a tragedy concerning the tour coordinator.)

One interesting thing about this milestone - 30% of my sales have come from Apple (iBookstore). I see this platform as a major, up and coming ebook competitor.  As you might expect, 60% have come from Amazon, and the remaining 10% from Smashwords, Createspace, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, and Barnes & Noble.

This week, I'll be revealing the cover of the fourth book in The Soulkeepers Series: Soul Catcher. As I approach the end of my second year as a professional author, I am so thankful for all of my readers, fans and reviewers and to all of those friends and fellow authors who believed in my work early on. Also a big virtual hug to my artist, Adam of Anjin design, for the cover art.

I still pinch myself at the thought of 100,000.  What's next?

I'm not sure, but I can't wait to find out!


  1. Congratulations! Here's to the next 100,000!

  2. Are you KIDDING me??? You are the rockinest lit star in my universe, Gen. Congratulations and WELL DESERVED! Hope you get RICH!!!

    1. I know, right? Crazy! But then again, they said, "write what you know" and I live in fantasyland so it was easy.

  3. Congratulations!! Those numbers are absolutely amazing!

  4. Congratulations, Gen! That's just amazing!

  5. I'm so hooked on all of your work! I have read the soul keeper series and just completed grounded... these are some of the best stories I have had the privilege of reading they are new and fresh and not one stinkin vamp to be seen!!! I have and continue to recommend your work to everyone... I hope it won't be too long til your next book is out, I feel as if I will get scurvy!

  6. I hopped over from the Indelibles site. Congrats. I'm impressed. Wishing you continued success.

  7. Congrats. From Anjin

  8. I saw your first book on the Kindle and was interested. About 20 pages in I'd purchased all the others. Your a brilliant and engaging writer and I look forward to your future books, r

  9. Gen, I just saw this. Congratulations! It's great to see that your hard work has paid off!

  10. You are so polished and fantastically good writer, and your story telling is just perfect as to keep someone up with readers imagination. When I first downloaded the soulkeepers. I was actually looking for some vampire/ ghost/ paranormal thriller and was just finished another book - her vampire husband. Well the soulkeeper was so fascinating as it is, I was so interested in knowing what's coming next in every single turn of the EBOOK, and I was so occupied with all three books came one by one. Well all the books well kept my imagination kindled. After soulkeepers I was so impatient to find other books from the triology, and believe me I read all the books in one day only. Nothing great could have made me sit for longer than these:)
    Well, great work and heartiest congratulation for your work.

  11. From the book first. The soulkeepers, I had thought Dane was jus huge browny fat whitish guy who surely is a hot head, but this new cover from the fourth books has changed all my mental canvas about Dane. He surely looks like a hunk.. More like a model..
    Great work and picting fatima as a spider met the work as well. ;) eager to get my hands on fourth book.


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