Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's in a name?

A rose by any other name
still writes great fiction!
I've been talking to my husband this week about possible pseudonyms.  See I've written an adult paranormal romance and don't want the younger readers of The Soulkeepers (some are as young as eleven) to think this book is for them--although the current chart topping trilogy by EL James makes my book look squeaky clean. But I digress.

Suffice it to say, I've decided to call myself something different on these books, so as not to confuse anyone. But I struggle with pseudonyms for the same reason as tattoos.  How can you commit to something so permanent? With the tattoo, I wonder if I would sour to wings on my back and if then I'd want a fish on my toe instead. Or maybe on my ankle.  I'd want to change and rearrange it constantly, which is why I don't have one.

A name is the same, isn't it?  Do I feel like a Josephine today or a Savannah?  How will I feel tomorrow?  And every name under the sun already belongs to someone out there.  Will I be reduced to some nouveau spelling like SanDeE* from LA Story?

(If you've never seen LA Story watch this clip

If you have opinions on author names, leave me a comment. I need all the help I can get.


  1. G.P., when I need a name for a character, I hit up babynamesworld. You can search by a lot of factors, including meaning. So, if you wanted to find a name that has the same meaning as your first name, then you could go that route ... you, but not you. I still think you should use G.P. Ching for the adult serious and just note that it is for adults, but obviously, you are wanting something else, so I wish you luck on reinventing yourself.

    1. Thanks, Dani. I don't think my other identity will be a secret, just different enough to keep from any confusion. Like J.R. Ward writing as Jessica Bird.

  2. Obviously I suck at names (since my series ended up having a similar name to that of an erotic book). You could just do like what Jennifer Lynn Armetroudt does and go for something similar to your own name. (She writes adult under J. Lynn).

  3. How about PG-13 Ching for a pen name? ;-)

    I've always loved that scene from LA Story. I was terribly disappointed when I watched the closing credits and her character was identified as Sandee instead of SanDeE.

    1. Thanks Tim. I agree-love that movie.

  4. I have to agree with Dani, the best thing to do in my opinion is to go to baby name sites and look for names that mean something to you. I usually do that when I'm writing. At the same time, Magan's idea of playing around with your own name sounds interesting too. Sort of what I've done on goodreads with my name and what you've already done with yours, with initials then last name. Or you can start a new trend of using your full first name and using an initial for your last name! Either way, you may end up with younger readers reading the adult stuff anyway. Some will find their way! You can only do so much to help that. Good luck!

  5. Hi G.P.,
    I'm very late with a reply, but I think Vivi would be a good first name for you.

    I responded on Goodreads that I like Vivi Lauren or Liv Childs.


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