Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Hip to be Square

Here's a cool gadget you'll be seeing around yours truly and maybe some of your other favorite authors.  It's called the Square and it allows you to turn your iPhone into a credit card swiping machine.  I recently picked one up to facilitate sales at my personal appearances.

Easy peasy.  You download an app and they send you the peripheral device for FREE.

Sure, they take a small cut of the transaction but I think it's totally worth it considering I'm reaching people who might not have made a cash only purchase. One more barrier kicked to the curb by the use of technology, and a major win for personal sized businesses.


  1. I know someone that makes jewelry and sell her stuff at fairs. She brings her Square wherever she goes.

    Inventor is the same St. Louis guy that invented Twitter.

  2. I've seen this when I get lunch at food tricks. I think it's a great idea! Especially as a person who rarely carries cash.

  3. Very interesting piece of tech. Kudos for the find GP!


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