Friday, October 22, 2010

Note Found in G. P.'s Library


  1. Samhain night is coming and there will be a tear between our worlds. We're going to rescue G.P., so watch your ass, Drow!

  2. Come and get me, you hateful boog. Stand firm, GP! I can take him! He's elfish! I'm largish! I'll just sit on the SOB! Muahahahahaha!
    (Oh, and happy birthday girlfriend! Make sure Drow serves chocolate fudge cake)

  3. I like to see you eat me! I'm coming to get you if you don't release GP - we need her and her quill right here to pen some more fantastic flash fiction!

    In the meantime give her plenty of chocolate cake, a girl needs her chocolate ya know!

  4. Escaped the evil elves by kicking a stiletto heel through my guard's eye and setting the archives on fire. He he. That should keep 'em busy. The dark forest is lit up like a birthday cake. Thanks or the comments!


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