Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rejuvenation Station

I'm parked here in rejuvenation station, waiting for the next train.  I hope you are enjoying your holiday season.  Here's where I've been this week.

I submitted my manuscript, a horrific experience that involved a big padded envelope sealed shut around several years of work nestled in my hopes and dreams.  I can not share specifics, so please don't ask.   The Soulkeepers has fully matured, and I've reached the point where I've accepted it for what it is.  While I hope it sells, it's time to start something new.  I've been using this holiday season to decide what to write next.  I have no shortage of ideas, but I do have an understanding of how a novel swallows you whole, the mood infusing itself into your cells for as long as it takes to write it.  I will choose carefully.

This morning, I was notified that Everyday Fiction will publish my Sci-fi flash fiction, the date of publication to be determined.  The news has renewed my interest in submitting additional flash.  The benefit of flash fiction is that you can connect with a reader within a tiny world of thought, in 1,000 words or less and this becomes a test kitchen for potential novel worthy ideas.  What it also means, is that you won't see as much of my flash published here, because I will be submitting to the market first.  Although, I do plan to workshop some ideas here.

As for this week, I will remain parked, staring up at the stars until steam powered inspiration rolls in.  I hope you get your share when the whistle blows too!


  1. Congrats on the acceptance and future flash publication of your Sci-fi story. I've been staring at the stars lately too as evidenced by my latest Illustration Friday submission. You have a cool blog... glad I stumbled across it. Keep on writing!

  2. Kudos on getting your manuscript out and also on your flash acceptance!
    Write On!

  3. Gen that's wonderful news, congrats! Good luck with the Soulkeepers, keep us posted. I hope you will share some of your ideas here, 'cause I really enjoy your writing. Thanks for your wonderful interpretation of my zebra illo, great ideas!

  4. Wow! Good show. A nurse/author who can change my diaper and soon to be wealthy enough to buy me Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream. My only hope is for the ice cream to come before the diapers.

  5. ...well that's all great news. But how long will you wait for the train? Is it so important that someone else 'recognize' your work? Take control and pub those shorts on an ebook site yourself...let the voter's (with their cash) determine your candidacy.


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