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I am the youngest child of five. My mother worked as a florist, and my father was a sheet metal worker. We didn't have material wealth growing up, but we did have three very important things in our home: love, faith, and hope.

Writing has always been important to me. My first story, The Dog Who Ate Pancakes was about a gastronomically snooty labrador. I was six when I wrote it. I think my mom still has that one somewhere.

I have degrees in Accounting and Nursing and have short stories published in a bunch of places. I’ve worked in an odd concoction of jobs, too. I’ve been a nurse, flower salesperson, a christmas tree decorator, a figure skating instructor, a bartender, an IT portfolio manager, a business process architect, and most recently a mom. But none of them define who I am better than to simply say I’m a writer.

I hang out with writerly types who spend too much time in libraries and book stores. I read daily. I like a wide range of music from classics like Aerosmith, to newer classics like Muse, and indies like The Kills. I run, bike, ski, and figure skate. I’m bad at ball sports but still play because I like to make people laugh.

Cooking is a hobby of mine, especially asian dishes which my husband appreciates because it reminds him of his days growing up on Oahu. He moved to Illinois to marry me. We have two awesome kids.

Our dog is a Brittany named Riptide Jack and we also have a Guinea Pig named Mr. Pig (after Pumba from Disney's Lion King).

I live in Illinois with my husband, two kids, Riptide Jack and Mr. Pig. Check out the videos below to meet our two spoiled pets.

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